Video Marketing: Streaming Live To YouTube with Google Plus Hangouts

If your YouTube channel is anything like mine, then when you go into your Channel settings your screen will look a bit like this:

Now I’ve been meaning to dive into that interesting line of text that I’ve surrounded with a nice, juicy red rectangle.

But events overtook me – and before I got into checking it out I was invited onto a Hangout which will then be transmitted as a podcast.

But the interesting thing was that the Hangout was streamed live to YouTube, and then when the podcast finished YouTube automatically stores it so it can be watched at any time in the future.

Here’s what the Hangout looks like – couple of quick caveats, the subject of the podcast is self publishing for fiction writers.  And if you’re offended by F-bombs and bad language in general you probably won’t want to watch to much of this.

But do take a moment to have a peek – it’s very interesting:

The Possibilities

This is really interesting – something that’s been around for about 6 months I think, but that I’ve never checked out before.  In the Podcast itself we talk about some ways that it would be possible to use and re-use the content from this type of recording for your marketing efforts.

But it’s early days – this is something that’s wide open for use in your video marketing efforts.

Any Thoughts?

The second reason I wanted to post was to see if anyone else had interesting ideas on how you could use this combination of a Google Hangout with live streaming to YouTube in your marketing efforts?  And don’t forget, after the live streaming the video is then permanently in place on YouTube.

If you’ve got any thoughts to share, please do so in the comments below.  (And please note, I finally got fed up of the human spammers who post useless, keyword rich comments here every day and I’ve switched to Disqus!)




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