Three Great Videos To Help You With #Videomarketing

Today’s post is a short one – but important.

If you’ve been here a while then you know that I talk about video on a semi-regular basis.  And I get several emails asking about videos too. And my friend Adrienne Smith ‘named and shamed’ me to get me to commit to a video guest post on her website:

How To Get More Views On YouTube

In the comment thread on that post at Adrienne’s blog I was asked if I do video coaching.  And the answer is that I kind of do…but my ‘video speciality’ is teaching how to get more eyeballs on your videos once they’re finished.  Because this is what I’ve been doing on my bass guitar site for the last three years – I’ve been using video to drive traffic to my website, get subscribers, foster the ‘know like and trust’ equation and help turn that website into a pretty successful online business.

But what most people usually mean when they want ‘video coaching’ is the nuts and bolts mechanics of video:

  • How to set up a video camera
  • How to set up a microphone
  • How to set up lighting
  • What kind of backdrop to use.

And that’s not the kind of ‘video coaching’ that I do.  Which is a shame, because the need for that kind of coaching is only go to grow as video becomes even more mainstream.

Here’s The Good News

The Good News is that help is at hand.  I have a Mastermind Buddy called Steve Washer who teaches exactly that.  Not only that, but he’s one of the ‘good guys’ too.  There are so many sharks out there hyping up their claims that sometimes you don’t know who to trust, who to believe and where to turn.

Now I can write here until I’m blue in the face about Steve, about how good he is as a teacher, or how nice a guy he is to go with that and yada yada yada.  But you can find out for yourself.

Steve is in the process of launching a Sales Letter for Video course – and he’s using one of the standard launch models that we’ve all seen around on the old Interwebz where he’s providing good content in exchange for your email address, and then at the end of his content he’ll pitch you his course.

Here’s the thing: you should go opt-in to this launch list just to access the free content.  It’s that good.

Seriously I don’t give many people ‘golden ticket’ recommendations to borrow some of Steve’s language – but Steve gets that kind of recommendation from me.  The price of your email is a very small price to pay for the great quality content you’ll be able to access in return for that email.

And yes, there is a Sales Pitch at the end of his content series…but you’re not obliged to buy anything.

Win A Camera and A Scholarship

Oh, and one final thing, Steve is running a competition too.  And one person who opts-in to watch his series of videos will win a Camera and a Scholarship to his Video Sales Letter course.

So if video is something you’re interested in – then you should definitely check Steve’s series of videos out.  Here’s the link again:

Remember, access to these videos will only cost you your email address.  And I’ve not had to chance to watch all of Video 2 – but Video 1 on its own is worth it.  Seriously, you’ll learn a shed load!

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