The Content Marketers Video Playbook Is Coming…

Over the last few months I’ve posted a bunch of ‘content marketing with video’ tips.  (And there’s still a bunch more to complete the series).  Part of what that series of tips has been leading to is a training course I’ve been slowly putting together called The Content Marketers Video Playbook.

The Content Marketers Video Playbook Goes Live On…

…Monday, the 2nd July.  So three weeks today.
There’s not going to be any big fanfare as such, no ‘traditional launch’ with 3 or 4 Videos delivered in a sequence that you have to opt-in to receive.  If you are interested in such things you’ll see two distinct launch strategies rolling out over the next few months:

1)  Webinars/Case Studies with selected partners.

2)  The development of my Content Marketing With Video tips series into what I’m hoping will be a ‘permanent launch machine.’

3)  The publication of some Kindle books on very specific aspects of content marketing with video.

Who Should Be Interested In The Content Marketers Video Playbook?

If you use video – or plan to use video – to promote your online or offline business, you should be interested in the Video Playbook.  Unlike a lot of the guys out there who teach about using video to promote your business, it’s something that I do most days of the week.

Here’s the proof:

That screenshot was taken today – June 11th, 2012.  Now I’ve written before about being careful about interpreting raw metrics.  The bottom line is that video is the main driver of traffic to my bass guitar website – and that business made a 6 figure profit in 2011.  And I’m trying to double that in 2012!

Without video this business would have been dead in the water four years ago.

Using the Video Playbook will take anything from 12 to 24 months off your learning curve in leveraging video for your business.  If you’re just about to start, the Video Playbook will allow you to hit the ground running.  If you’ve already produced and published videos the Video Playbook will help you improve your publishing process overnight AND there’s even a module on auditing the effectiveness of your existing videos.

Who Shouldn’t Be Interested In The Content Marketers Video Playbook?

If you’ve got your head in the sand about video and are not using them, then this Course won’t be of much interest to you.

If you’re looking for a ‘get rich’ quick kind of scheme, this Course definitely won’t be of interest to you.  Because video isn’t a one shot deal…you need to be consistent with video and produce them on a regular schedule.

More Details

I’ll post them here on Da Spoon before the official ‘launch’ date.  If you’re interested and are not a subscriber to the One Spoon newsletter, I’d recommend joining because there’s a pre-release offer going in front of them next week.

Any Questions

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to shout up in the comments section.  Unless of course you’re a Troll Spammer and you’re going to say something like: This is truly a felicitous post.  I am sharing on Facebook and will be back later.  Save us both some time and go somewhere else!


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