The Duct Tape Marketing/Content Marketing Challenge (part 2)

Nearly three weeks ago I posted the first part of this challenge.  You can read it here to get up to speed:

The Duct Tape Marketing/Content Marketing Challenge (part 1)

The Cliff Notes version of that post is this:

  • I have an offline business called Carte Blanche
  • I want to convert the website for that business from an online brochure to a site that will attract potential clients AND pre-qualify them
  • I plan to use Content (or inbound) marketing as the main tool to do this
  • I’m using a great book called Duct Tape Marketing as a guide to systemizing my efforts.
  • What I do will be chronicled here on One Spoon so that others can follow, get inspiration, make suggestions, etc.

The Duct Tape/Content Marketing Challenge Part 2

Since I last posted I’ve finally got the Carte Blanche website switched from a static HTML website to a website that’s powered by WordPress as its content management system.

At the moment the priority is to start posting content that will get found by the search engines – and the ‘design’ is an element that will evolve over time.

I chose the WordPress Twenty Ten theme for the layout for now – purely on grounds that I know that theme pretty well.  But at some stage soon I’ll be using a premium theme – maybe Thesis.  That decision can be postponed for a few weeks….the main priority is posting regular content.

I’ve set up a section on the website called ‘How To Book A Band.’  And this is the ‘blog’ page of the website and where I’ll publish all my articles and posts for this site to.

Plug-Ins Used

In case anyone’s interested in what plug-ins I’ve used, I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible.  So far I’ve installed:

  • GASP (to weed out spam comments)
  • Smart YouTube
  • All In One SEO Plug In
  • WPTouch
  • Contact Form 7

I’m sure there will be more plug-ins installed over time – in fact once I’ve got a few more ‘posts’ on the blog/how to book a band section of the site then I’ll get one of the ‘Related Post’ plug-ins set up.

And at some stage soon I need to get Google Analytics up and running so I can start taking a look under the hood at what traffic we’re actually getting and where it’s coming from.

The ‘Duct Tape’ Process

In Chapter 2 of Duct Tape Marketing John Jantsch talks about identifying your ideal clients.  (I really like the part about firing 20% of your existing clients – very eye opening and very cool! Get the book and read it to find out more).

The majority of Carte Blanche’s work falls into two categories:

  • (1)   Corporate Functions
  • (2)   Weddings

Now until the economy improves substantially – and my estimate is 3 to 4 years – the corporate function market is going to be sluggish.  And as the bulk of corporate functions that we do are booked via a third party (entertainment agencies) what I want to focus on for this challenge and the website is attracting more wedding clients.

As I mentioned in the first part of the challenge, wedding clients used to be the main client base for Carte Blanche – but around 2002/2003 corporate clients formed the bulk of our client base.

So the Ideal Clients that we’re going to be targeting are wedding clients.  So I’ve started creating an ‘ideal target profile’ to use in our content marketing efforts:

  • Someone getting married(!)
  • Living or working in London (ideally)
  • Aged 28 to 40 (ish)
  • Getting married within 50-60 miles of London

Now if you read Monday’s post on The 3 Crucial Steps You Should Take Before You Create Any Content you’ll know that I advocate interviewing a Target Profile so that you can find out what kind of content they consume, how they consume it, and where they go online to get this kind of content.

I’ve found a Target Profile and will be interviewing her next week.  I can’t overemphasize what a crucial part of the process this is.  (This is a tweak to the Duct Tape Marketing system by the way – something that I picked up from The Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza).

Once that interview has been conducted then I can move onto the next part of the Duct Tape Process – which is uncovering our core marketing message.

Next Update/Task List

I’ll probably update this challenge every fortnight for the next few months.

Here is my task list:

  • 1)   Conduct Target Profile Interview
  • 2)   Transcribe Target Profile Interview
  • 3)   Post Regular Content to the blog/how to book a band section of the website.  That content will be both written articles and ‘video articles’ that will be posted to YouTube and other places
  • 4)   Set up a Facebook Business page – and syndicate any content created to that Facebook page
  • 5)   Work on the ‘core marketing message’ once Target Profile Interview has been assimilated
  • 6)   Do detailed keyword and specifically ‘long tail’ keyword analysis after Target Profile Interview


Here are links to the two books I’ve mentioned in this post – simply click on the link to the right of the images to get more details on


Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch





The Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza




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