Deliberate Practice for Content Marketers and Bloggers

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In the last couple of weeks the topic of Deliberate Practice seems to have (finally!) reared its head in the Blogosphere.

There’s been discussion of it over at Corbett Barr’s new blog Expert Enough.  Yesterday Sonia Simone posted this at Copyblogger:

The 5 Keys To Content Marketing Mastery

And there are other bloggers talking about Deliberate Practice too.  A couple of bloggers have contacted me and asked about writing guest posts on the topic for them.

Why Me?

I’ve been researching and working on Deliberate Practice for over two years.  In November 2009 (the 20th if memory serves correctly) I published Version 1 of a book for bass guitar players about how to use Deliberate Practice.

And I’ve written several posts – both here and on other sites – about Deliberate Practice.

So given the ‘topicality’ of this subject I thought I’d link to my Deliberate Practice posts so if you’re new to the subject you can find them all!

The Links

Why The Talent Myth is Holding You Back And Squeezing Your Bottom Line This was a guest post over at Mark Harai’s blog earlier in the year.

Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – Part 1 Forget the shenanigans that went on in Tiger’s personal life – this guy lives and breathes Deliberate Practice.  And I hate golf, I think it’s ultra boring.

But Tiger Woods is a great person to model learning behaviour from – this is the first article in a mini-series on Tiger Woods and practice.

Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – Part 2 In Part 2 of this series we move on from how Tiger Woods chunks down parts of his game – and I show you how you could do that to practice and improve your blogging efforts.

Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – An Introduction To Deliberate Practice Here’s my take on Deliberate Practice.  This will give you an idea of how to actually apply the system to your own practice and learning efforts.

Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – Marlee’s Challenge My friend Marlee Wood set me a challenge – how to create a ‘practice’ regime to help her train to write like she talks.  Here’s my Deliberate Practice advice!

Do You Believe In Natural Talent? There’s no such thing as Natural Talent.  There’s just hard work over time.  Some people don’t want to believe it….that’s their choice.

How The Brain Learns – Doing The Neuron Dance This is an article I wrote for my bass guitar website.  It’s crucial to understand how the brain learns if you want to take full advantage of Deliberate Practice and get better at something.

The Real Reason You’ll Never Be Mozart…or Victor Wooten! I started a Deliberate Practice for Musicians blog – but for various reasons stopped posting to it.  Here’s an article on Mozart and bass player extraordinaire Victor Wooten – and why they are so good, and why you’re not.

7 Lessons From Talent Is Overrated This book literally changed my life.  Read some lessons from it – and then go buy the book.  And read it a bunch of times.  There are only two books I own in physical copy, eBook form and audio book version – this is one of them.  (The other is The War of Art).

How To Become A Grandmaster In Your Field – Work On Your Domain Map Do you even know what a Domain Map is?  This is another lesson from Talent Is Overrated.  Seriously, go buy it.  It’s less than $10 and if you only get 1% of the benefit I’ve had from the book that investment of $10 will pay you back hundreds of times over.

Summary/Your Shout

I tried to keep this short.  Deliberate Practice is a topic that more people should know about….maybe it’s time I stepped up and started shouting it from the rooftops.  Please go read some of the articles – and then come back and ask questions.

I’ll give you detailed answers that will help you, will help me, and will help anyone reading who wants to get better at something.

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