Dealing With Comments On YouTube – Content Marketing With Video

If you’re using video as one of the planks in your Content Marketing strategy – and if you’re not, you should be! – then the first place you should be syndicating your videos is YouTube.  (For the rest of the places your video should be syndicated to, please check out The Content Marketers Video Playbook.)

If you’re posting to YouTube – then you’re going to get comments on your videos.  This is (mostly) a good thing – Youtube sees this as a sign of engagement with your audience, and they tell us this does affect the rankings of your video(s) and channel.

In the rest of this post I want to walk you through the commenting strategies I use with Youtube.

Strategy 1 – Answer Every Comment

YouTube counts YOUR answering comment as a comment on a video – so by answering every comment you double the number of comments that YouTube sees on a video.

Answering every comment does other things though – it actually does build your engagement with your audience.  People new to you will often scroll and look through comments, if they see that you answer every comment (or most of them), then it encourages them to ask questions themselves.

That means more comments…and more YouTube love.

Strategy 2 – Direct People (Where Possible) To Your Website

For me YouTube is a discovery mechanism.

I like people to find me on YouTube, maybe watch a tutorial or two, and then go to my website.  If someone asks you a question, and it is appropriate to direct them to your website in the answer, then do so.

Bear in mind that you can’t put links in YouTube comments so you’ll have to refer them to the link that you put under your video in the description box.  (That link should be a full HTTP link, and also should be the first thing you put in your description).

Strategy 3 – Don’t Get Overwhelmed – Do YouTube Comment Answers Once A Day

I have no set time when I answer YouTube comments, but once a day I’ll head over and answer all my comments.  Usually it takes about 10 to 15 minutes – obviously your mileage will vary.

I find the best way to track comments and answers is to access them via the Inbox:

The Inbox lets you see at a glance what comments are waiting for you – and by expanding a comment (see graphic below) you can see what was written, and then click through to the appropriate video to answer it:

Once you’ve answered a comment, you can click the ‘Back’ button on your browser, skip back to your website and then check the ‘Delete’ radio button (highlighted above) and get rid of the comment from your InBox.

There are other ways of tracking new comments to your YouTube Videos – from the dashboard, or you can send notifications to an email account – but I find once a day, using the Inbox works best for me.

Strategy 4 – Dealing With Haters

Although YouTube is not as wild west as it used to be – it can still attract flamers and haters.  I have a three step strategy for dealing with this:

  • If a comment is outright hostile and nasty (and usually if they are, they will be laced with swear words) then I delete the comment and block the user.
  • If a comment is a constructive criticism then I thank the commenter, make some observations and move on.
  • If a comment is a criticism that’s not particularly constructive – but is NOT offensive – then I’ll let it stand.  But I challenge it – usually with a line like: Perhaps YOU could film a video and show us how it should be done?  I’ve issued that challenge at least twenty times in the last three years – guess how many people have taken me up on it?  (If you guessed none, you were right!).


And that’s it.

Your content marketing with video strategy should start with YouTube.   That means that you will get YouTube comments on your videos – dealing with those comments is something that YouTube likes and rewards in terms of how your video (and channel) ranks.

Using the 4 Step Strategy I outlined in this post allows you to do it in a timely and professional manner.

The Content Marketers Video Playbook

YouTube is merely the first step in a fully developed content marketing with video strategy – to find out more about my course where I dive deep into effective strategies to both get views to your videos, and then get the owners of those eyeballs onto your website (and your email list!), then please click here; The Content Marketers Video Playbook



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