The Duct Tape Marketing/Content Marketing Challenge (part 3)

This is the third part of a ‘Challenge’ that I’ve set myself for my offline business.  You can get up to speed with Part 1 here:

The Duct Tape Marketing/Content Marketing Challenge (part 1)

And with Part 2 here:

The Duct Tape Marketing/Content Marketing Challenge (part 2)

The Cliff Notes version of that post is this:

  • I have an offline business called Carte Blanche
  • I want to convert the website for that business from an ‘online brochure’ to a site that will attract more leads AND pre-qualify them
  • I plan to use Content (or inbound) marketing as the main tool to do this
  • I’m using a great book called Duct Tape Marketing as a guide to systemizing my efforts.
  • What I do will be chronicled here on One Spoon so that others can follow, get inspiration, make suggestions, etc.

The Duct Tape Challenge Update

Since I last posted I’ve not done a great deal.  And that’s because I’m stuck answering some important questions that are part of the Duct Tape process.

I did some brainstorming last night and realized that I’ve made two mistakes.

  • 1)   I’ve let the fact that I’m ‘stuck’ stop me from producing more content.
  • 2)   I’ve not reached out for ‘help’ from my mastermind groups or my ‘go to’ list of people to try and get unstuck.

Let’s look at these two mistakes in more detail.

The Law Of Compound Information

As well as using the Duct Tape marketing book to systemize and guide the process I’m using, the other great resource I’m drawing on is Marcus Sheridan’s website.

If you’re interested in Content Marketing – or inbound marketing – and how it can generate leads and new clients, well Marcus is a guy who should be on your radar.

I was reading some of his archive a few days ago and came across this post:

The Law Of Compound Information In Marketing

The idea expressed in this post is simple…yet incredibly powerful.

But I didn’t fully appreciate it until I read this guest post by Marcus

5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging

In this post Marcus talks about two potential customers – one has read just 3 pages on Marcus’s swimming pool website.  And the other has read 55.

Now there are a million lessons to be taken from this post – but the one that I want to focus on is summarized by this quote from the post:

(BTW, if you’re not blogging, there’s a good chance your company website doesn’t even have 55 pages, so let’s get busy!)

This, combined with the quote, was the figurative kick up the backside I needed.  Even though I’m stuck with some elements of Duct Tape Marketing, I can still be increasing the content on the blog side of the Carte Blanche website.

And over time that increase of content will get that website ranked for more long tail keywords…bring in more traffic….etc etc.
So the learning here is: keep moving forward.  Be the tortoise making steady progress, not the hare leaping from one thing to another.

And my recommendation: go read both of those posts.  And print them out and put them in your content marketing folder.  Seriously.

Discovering The Core Marketing Message for Carte Blanche

Chapter 3 of Duct Tape Marketing is in my opinion the most important chapter in the whole book.  The Chapter is titled:

Discover your Core Marketing Message

In this chapter the author of the book – John Jantsch – talks about the concept of differentiating yourself from your competitors.  This is incredibly important as if your potential clients can’t identify specific ways in which you are unique, then the default position they fall back on is price.

I love this line from the book:

“Price is a terrible place to compete….there will always be someone willing to go out of business faster than you.”

Now this isn’t anything new – Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote a book about this called Positioning. And Seth Godin wrote Purple Cow on this topic too.

But it’s an incredibly important step – and getting it right is crucial.  John has a 4-step ‘Core Message’ process:

  • Discover, capture and commit to a unique position
  • Create a marketing purpose statement
  • Turn your purpose statement into a talking logo
  • Craft a simple core message to use in all of your marketing

My problem with this step is finding that unique position that we can work on capturing.  The service that Carte Blanche offers is a band for parties that gets people up and dancing – and we’re good at what we do.

But so far the only thing I can think of that we do that other bands don’t is that we offer informational content to educate potential clients on what they should be thinking about when selecting a band for their wedding.

(Paul’s Note – the other step that follows on from this process is framing a guarantee.  And it’s possible that here’s where we could stand out from other bands. No other band in the UK offers any kind of guarantee – so it’s possible that a carefully worded guarantee might differentiate us.  Like:

The only band that guarantees to fill the dance floor at your wedding – and keeps on playing until they have.)

Next Update/Task List

Here’s my task list prior to the next update.

1)   Post Regular Content to the blog/how to book a band section of the website.  That content will be both written articles and ‘video articles’ that will be posted to YouTube and other places.  I’m aiming for 5 pages a week.

2)   Set up a Facebook Business page – and syndicate any content created to that Facebook page

3)   Work on the ‘core marketing message’ and the positioning of the band.


Here are links to the three books I’ve mentioned in this update:

Duct Tape Marketing

Positioning by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Your Shout

I’m a big believer in the power of the group – so if any of you have any ideas on how we can position Carte Blanche to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, I am all ears

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