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facebook trafficSo I’ve been reading forever that Facebook is a place to get good traffic for your website.  And I’ve been thinking of targeting Facebook specifically for my how to play bass website.

The bulk of my 500 or so unique visitors a day to this website comes via the Video Sharing sites – places like YouTube, Blip, Viddler, Metacafe, Howcast, etc.  And the bulk of the traffic via video sites comes from YouTube.

And whilst that’s great – I don’t want to rely just on YouTube.  I’ve read too many horror stories of people who relied on say Google for traffic and then got cut in an update and saw their traffic literally die overnight.  Or people who set their websites up on third party sites like or and then had their site deleted.

So the next obvious choice for the bass guitar website is Facebook.

Now I don’t know much about Facebook – and that’s why I’m asking you guys to help me out!  Plus if we can get a good dialogue of tips and tricks going in the ‘Comments’ section then this post will be a good resource for other folk in a similar position.

So first of all, I’ll lay out what I’ve started to do – and then you guys can tell me what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong!

My Bass Guitar Facebook Strategy

I’ve been on Facebook for a while – but pretty much ignored it for most of that time.

But I’m changing that.  Here’s my strategy laid out in steps:

1) Named Facebook Page

I set up a Facebook Page under a name that is directly linked to both my bass website and my YouTube name – How To Play Bass Dot Com:


2) Customized URL For Named Facebook Page

I know that once you have 25 likes you can customize the URL of that page – so far I’m up to about 15.  I’ve reached out to my paying subscribers today and told them that they can connect with me on Facebook, and asked them to like the page.   At some stage later today I expect to pass that 25 Like milestone and will then customize the page name so that I can send direct links.


***Paul’s Update – 13.08 GMT – just passed the 25 likes, so customizing the URL as we speak***

3) Video Content To Share On Facebook

I’ve been creating a video a week for YouTube for last two and a half years now – so I’ve got a nice, juicy back catalogue to draw upon to share on Facebook.

Now I can link to my videos on either YouTube or one of the other video aggregators – and make a comment about the link too.

And because the majority of those videos were uploaded via TubeMogul, I can post them directly to Facebook with the click of two buttons.  (The only drawback with this is that TubeMogul posts this to my personal page and not my How To Play Bass Dot Com page – need to work out if that can be changed, and then change it).

So if I posted a new video to Facebook every other day I’d have a years worth of fresh content to share.  Plus at the end of that year of sharing already created content I will have created another 50 plus videos – so there’s another 100 days of content!

Plus I’ve got some articles to share that I wrote on a sadly neglected blog – it’s time to kill off that blog.  But the articles can be repurposed and reused.

So I have a TON of content to share without having to create specific content for Facebook.

4) Content Curation

The guys and gals who make up my target demographic really like video.  And like having videos to watch and be recommended – so I also plan to make my wall look busier by curating content from YouTube.

Here’s an example from earlier today – I curated some videos about a bass player called Pino Palladino (you can call him Pino, I call him ‘God’).  In the middle you’ll see a video highlighted in a red box – that’s a link to a video of mine on the ‘Toob:


5) Putting Myself In Front Of Bass Guitar Pages With Lots Of Fans

Once I’ve built up some content on my wall there are three Facebook bass sites I plan to interact with.  One of them has 40,000 plus people who ‘like’ that page.  The other two have 10,000 plus each.

Here’s an example from this morning:



6. Directing People to Subscribe At My Website

This is the ultimate goal of my Facebook strategy – to get people to go to my website and become a subscriber to my free newsletter.

There’s a link on my profile to my website – plus it tells people what they will get if they go over there and subscribe.  And I’ll insert links to my website with a call to action in appropriate Status Updates.

Now It’s Your Turn

So here’s how you can help me (and others in my position.  Please post in the comments below and tell us:

  • 1)   What am I doing right?
  • 2)   What am I doing wrong?
  • 3)   What else should I be doing to drive Traffic via Facebook?

Looking forward to this – fire away!

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