5 Blogs And Websites That Will Help Bloggers and Content Marketers

Today’s post is a bit different to the content I normally publish on One Spoon.  For a start it’s going to be short! (I CAN do short you know!)

What I want to do is introduce you to five websites and bloggers that will help you if you’re interested in improving the standard the writing.  Either the help will be specific- tactics and strategies, that kind of thing.  Or it will be a bit more subtle – it will expose you to quality writing and content, the kind that you should search out and read (the cliche ‘you are what you eat’ applies to reading and writing).

Here are the 5 sites in no particular order.

1.  Jeff Sexton

Jeff Sexton is a guy I came across first on a guest post on Copyblogger .  Jeff is a guy who walks the walk – he’s taught writing and copywriting courses with Brian Eisenberg and in conjunction with The Wizard Of Ads.

He’s a great writer and an astute guy – his articles and posts are illuminated by both his ideas, and how those ideas are expressed.   His latest article – The Stradivarius Myth – is a typical example of his work: great writing, great ideas.

You’ll find Jeff online at Jeff Sexton Writes

2. Matt Gartland

Matt Gartland is a guy I found literally yesterday.  I think I saw someone tweet to a post on his website, and I spent around two hours reading one post and following the links out from it.

That post is a must read for writers and bloggers thinking of self publishing in any form.  You can read it here:

The Little Black Book Of Self Publishing

Matt’s website is called Modern Audacity.  It’s different, full of great writing, and highly recommended.

3. In Treehouses

I found In Treehouses via a link from the post I linked to above by Matt Gartland (the Little Black Book).  If you’re interested in self publishing at all then the free In Treehouses magazine is something you should be subscribed to.

It’s run by a guy called Thom Chambers – here’s a sample of his wisdom: “We are not bloggers who self-publish, we are self-publishers who blog.”  Very cool.  And very true.

Go to the In Treehouses website and subscribe now.  Don’t understimate the value of the content because it’s free.  The content is well worth a paid subscription.

4.  Ghostwriting Dad

Sean Platt’s blog is aimed at freelance writers.  I don’t remember how I first came across Sean’s website – but there’s a ton of great info for writers/bloggers on there.

Here’s an example of Sean’s writing.  It’s a post I really enjoyed – there’s good writing in it.  And here’s something I really like – it’s achingly honest:

Losing My House

Go check Sean out at Ghostwriter Dad.

5. Steven Pressfield

If you’ve read much of my blog you’ll know how much I like Steven Pressfield.  One thing you won’t know is that one of the goals written down in the ‘goals’ section of my One Spoon Mission Statement is to interview Steven Pressfield on the topic of writing and creativity.

There’s a series on his website called Writing Wednesdays – I highly recommend you go check it out, and read through the archives.  There’s gold in them thar hills!

Go check Steven out at Steven Pressfield Online


I hope you find the websites of these writers useful and inspiring.  If you’ve got similar resources to share, please do so in the Comments Section below.  Remember that most of us know all about Copyblogger and ProBlogger and the big sites – what we’re looking for is some of the ‘smaller guys’ who put out great content and deserve some wider recognition and some more readers.

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