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Why One Spoon Is Coming Back

18 months ago I put this blog – One Spoon At A Time – on hiatus and I truly thought it would never come back. At one stage as I was reorganizing my websites I nearly junked it totally.

But now I’m glad I didn’t.

Because I’m going to start posting here again.

So Why Is One Spoon Coming Back?

When I originally put One Spoon on hiatus I did so because I was moving into other areas not connected to the things I’d been writing about – like video marketing and content marketing and so on. Plus my main business website – my how to play bass site was getting busier and busier. And I just didn’t have the time anymore.

Now I’m still working on my main bass website. And the other main project that drew me off too is still ongoing. And hopefully will always be.

But something happened that has eventually led to this post and the site starting up again.

I Needed To Teach My Friend How To Write

A friend of mine is great at video and audio – but he hates writing. And due to a strange combination of circumstances he has been put in the situation where he can’t record video or audio and can only communicate with his audience by writing.

So he’s needed to learn how to write.   (Paul’s Note: by “learn how to write” I don’t mean the physical act of shaping letters and learning to read them, and then combining letters to form words and so on. What I mean is how to write reasonable quality articles and posts for a commercially minded website.)

Like all of us when we need some help we look to our friends and family, see who can provide the help that’s needed, and reach out.

In his circle, the only person he knows who can help him learn to write is me.

So I’ve been creating a series of lessons for him that are helping him learn how to do this. We started with why web content is so important for a small business and then moved onto what’s unique about web content. And then slowly but surely we’ve gradually worked through the need for outlining, worked through turning the outline into an article, worked out how to use the article to direct web visitors to more pages on the business website.

And we’re about to start on some simple editing tips.

That Sounds Reasonably Linear Right?

It does.

Only every so often I’ve needed to create a lesson on a topic that detours from the main thread. And some times those detours grow into a mini series that’s four or five lessons long.

And then we circle back and pick up our ‘writing’ strand again.

These detours aren’t always about writing, but they’re always connected to HOW writing affects your business, and how writing is intrinsically connected TO your business.

In writing these series of lessons it occurred to me that:

I Know More Than I Thought I Knew

Not only that. Because of all the years I’ve spent studying deliberate practice and how to use it as a teacher, I’m also good at taking that knowledge and turning it into actionable lessons.

And I thought: if these lessons are helping my friend, they might help other people.

And just like that….One Spoon came back into the picture.

So Who Is The ‘New’ One Spoon For?

In the past I’ve written lots of video articles and video marketing articles. But here’s the truth: video is something that I do because I have to. Writing (and teaching writing) is something that I do because I love it.

So One Spoon is for writers. And folks who want to improve their writing.

There are still video articles in the archive…I’ve left them on the site. Though they are all out of date and someone once said that internet years are like dog years, so they are seriously out of date.

So if you’re interested in writing…stick around because I’m going to start posting some writing articles very soon. If you’ve got any questions you’d like to see answered…you can try posting a comment and I’ll try and answer it. If your question is really good it might get turned into an article.

Posting Schedule

I haven’t even worked out my posting schedule yet. I still have lots of time commitments, so for now it’s probably going to be once a week. As it’s Monday today…and I’ve written what I need to…I’ll close simply.

See you next Monday.


One Spoon At A Time Is Going…Going….

Nearly a year ago I posted that One Spoon At A Time was on hiatus.

Things have moved on since then and I can’t see that I’ll ever revive One Spoon At A Time. I’m going to leave the web site up for a while as people are still finding some of the articles and appear to be getting value from them.

The three main topics I’ve talked about on One Spoon are: Writing, Marketing and Video Marketing.

There are two sites I recommend you check out and subscribe to if you are interested in these topics.  For writing and marketing, check out Sean D’Souza at Psychotactics.

And for video marketing check out Steven Washer at Brainy Video.



One Spoon At A Time Is On Hiatus…

Will it come back?

At this point in time (March 2013) I truly don’t know.  Life has taken a different turn in the last few months….and I’m having a blast following that turn and seeing where it leads.

I’ll be back in a couple of months with an update….I’ll know more then.



3 Lessons From 10,000 YouTube Subscribers

On Monday I posted about passing a milestone on YouTube – going over 3 Million Video Views.  The sharp eyed amongst you would have noticed that I was closing in on another milestone – that milestone of course is 10,000 Subscribers.

In the last 30 minutes I passed that milestone:

And here’s three lessons learned from getting 10,000 Subsribers.

1.  I Never Asked ANYONE To Subscribe.  Ever.

Think about that for a moment.  Not once, not ANYWHERE, in any of the 210 videos that I have on YouTube have I ever said: “Please subscribe to my channel.”  Or edited an annotation that says the same.

And yet if you listen to all the YouTube ‘goo-roos’ out there, you’ll find this is one of their constant pieces of advice.

WTF is up with that?

People who use YouTube will automatically subscribe to Channels that they want to see more content from.  In the same way that people who follow blogs will use RSS feeds.  Or the same way that people on Twitter ‘follow’ the tweeps that they like.

You don’t have to ask them.  Every time you have more than one call to action in a video, you diminish the effectiveness of all the calls to action (because the viewer is confused about what you want him to do).

Don’t waste your call to action on getting people to subscribe to your channel.  Here’s why that’s a waste of time:

2.  If I Want To Contact Those 10,000 Subscribers, I Can Only Do It In Batches of 25

Yep, you read right.

If I want to send a message to my subscribers I can only do it in batches of 25.  That would be 400 separate cut and paste copies of the same message each time I wanted to send a message out to my ‘subscribers.’

Forget that.

Instead, the biggest learning of the last post is repeated in this post too – so you get the idea I’m trying to send:

3.  Work Out How To Get People Off YouTube – And Onto Your Website…

And even better, onto your mailing list.

If you can work that out, then YouTube IS a brilliant place for people to discover you and then go back to your website and take action.

There’s More To Content Marketing With Video Than Just Throwing Videos Onto YouTube

I’ve been Content Marketing with video for four years now, almost to the day.  In those four years I’ve ran lots of experiments.  Tried out different things.  And worked out how to maximize the YouTube views you are getting on your videos so they laid to getting traffic back to your website.

Plus come up with a bunch of strategies I’ve not heard the YouTube ‘goo-roos’ talking about – things like video guest posting, content curation with video, why you should use other Video Aggregator sites and not just YouTube, understanding how video works in the Sales Cycle, dissecting the Call To Action down into its core components.  And more.

And all of that information is laid out in my Course – The Content Marketer’s Video Playbook.

As it’s Thanksgiving Week, I’m offering a special.  For a few more hours you can get it for $399 instead of $499.

At midnight on Wednesday 28th November (EST) this offer goes away.  AND I won’t be accepting any new members until 2013 at the earliest.  (If you’re a subscriber to my email list here you’ll know why).

Here’s the link again:

The Content Marketer’s Video Playbook


3 Lessons From 3 Million YouTube Views

So last night whilst I was asleep I passed 3 Million YouTube views:

So I thought it would be a good moment to share my three biggest learnings from posting videos to YouTube.

1.  Consistency

YouTube can be a great source of traffic for your business….but you have to be consistent.  You have to think of yourself as a TV show and post regularly – once a fortnight, once a week, twice a week, five times a week.  Whatever the frequency that suits you….find it, and stick to it.

That way your audience will know what to expect.  And YouTube will too – and if you look at the YouTube playbook you’ll quickly learn that YouTube value Consistency.

2.  Track The Right Metrics

In some industries 3 Million views would be an astonishing number.  In some industries it would be considered a drop in the ocean.  And whilst passing 3 Million views is a milestone of sorts….I’m far more interested in other metrics.

Like how many people go to my website after finding me on YouTube.  How Many of those people then go on and subscribe to my email list.  Or even better, subscribe to my paying membership.

That leads to the biggest learning of all.

3.  You Want Your Audience On YOUR Website

YouTube is a great place for people to find you.  For many industries maybe even the best place for people who don’t know about you to find you.


It’s a horrible place to try and engage people and build the kind of ‘know, like and trust’ relationship that will lead to sales.  Because ultimately views on YouTube and subscribers on YouTube are meaningless business stats.

You have to get people from YouTube.  And to your website.

Absolutely have to.

Otherwise your videos are a waste of time.

Content Marketer’s Video Playbook

It’s taken four years almost to the day to get those 3 million views.  In those four years I’ve made lots of experiments.  Tried out different things.  And worked out how to maximize the YouTube views you are getting on your videos.

All of that information is laid out in my Course – The Content Marketer’s Video Playbook.

As it’s Thanksgiving Week and Cyber Monday, I’m offering a special.  For 48 hours you can get it for $399 instead of $499.

At midnight on Wednesday 28 th November this offer goes away.  AND I won’t be accepting any new members until 2013 at the earliest.  (If you’re a subscriber to my email list here you’ll know why).

Here’s the link again:

The Content Marketer’s Video Playbook


Great Example of Video Article And Deconstruction

Copywriter Jeff Sexton recently posted a fabulous deconstruction of a great video article.

You can find Jeff’s Deconstruction here:

Explanatory Video Done Right

Jeff is a really clever guy, and one of the few people I follow on a regular basis.  Here’s the video he deconstructs:

Seriously, go check it out.  And leave a comment for Jeff thanking him for his deconstruction.  It’s priceless.


Here’s a segment of a wide ranging 60 minute interview I did today with Joanna Penn (who you can find atwww.thecreativepenn.com.).  In this video segment we discuss an example of using video to create a paid product – and we talk about how one of Joanna’s clients could perhaps do it.  (This example client teaches First Aid).

The full video will be one of the new Bonus Elements in my Content Marketers Video Playbook course.  If you want to learn how to do content marketing with video, this course is for you.

Here’s a link to some more information:

Content Marketers Video Playbook

PS – a future module I intend to add is how to leverage Interview Videos for your business!


If you’re using video as one of the planks in your Content Marketing strategy – and if you’re not, you should be! – then the first place you should be syndicating your videos is YouTube.  (For the rest of the places your video should be syndicated to, please check out The Content Marketers Video Playbook.)

If you’re posting to YouTube – then you’re going to get comments on your videos.  This is (mostly) a good thing – Youtube sees this as a sign of engagement with your audience, and they tell us this does affect the rankings of your video(s) and channel.

In the rest of this post I want to walk you through the commenting strategies I use with Youtube.

Strategy 1 – Answer Every Comment [click to continue…]


Video Marketing: How To Waste Your Call to Action

This post could also be entitled: The One Thing All The Video “Goo-Roos’ Get Wrong.

Now this is a ‘fresh’ screenshot from my bass guitar website – and you’ll see that I’ve got nearly 2.8 million views and 9,100 subscribers.  Some people will think those are great stats – and some people will think those stats suck.  I’ve written before here on Da Spoon that the metrics for every market area are different – so don’t compare my stats with yours unless you are in the bass guitar market!

Anyway you can see I’ve put a red square around the number of Subscribers I’ve got – because it’s relevant to today’s post.

Because what just about every Video ‘Goo-Roo’ tells you to do is put a call to action in your video to get people to subscribe to your Youtube Channel.

I Call Bullshit – Here’s Why [click to continue…]


If your YouTube channel is anything like mine, then when you go into your Channel settings your screen will look a bit like this:

Now I’ve been meaning to dive into that interesting line of text that I’ve surrounded with a nice, juicy red rectangle.

But events overtook me – and before I got into checking it out I was invited onto a Hangout which will then be transmitted as a podcast.

But the interesting thing was that the Hangout was streamed live to YouTube, and then when the podcast finished YouTube automatically stores it so it can be watched at any time in the future.

Here’s what the Hangout looks like – couple of quick caveats, the subject of the podcast is self publishing for fiction writers.  And if you’re offended by F-bombs and bad language in general you probably won’t want to watch to much of this.

But do take a moment to have a peek – it’s very interesting:

The Possibilities

This is really interesting – something that’s been around for about 6 months I think, but that I’ve never checked out before.  In the Podcast itself we talk about some ways that it would be possible to use and re-use the content from this type of recording for your marketing efforts.

But it’s early days – this is something that’s wide open for use in your video marketing efforts.

Any Thoughts?

The second reason I wanted to post was to see if anyone else had interesting ideas on how you could use this combination of a Google Hangout with live streaming to YouTube in your marketing efforts?  And don’t forget, after the live streaming the video is then permanently in place on YouTube.

If you’ve got any thoughts to share, please do so in the comments below.  (And please note, I finally got fed up of the human spammers who post useless, keyword rich comments here every day and I’ve switched to Disqus!)





Today I received the latest newsletter from Marcus Sheridan aka The Sales Lion.  In his latest newsletter Marcus talks about bloggers who are struggling to get traffic to their articles – and a common problems that Marcus finds is people who are writing credible content with poor headlines.

And this ties in really nicely – and with a large dollop of synchronicity – with some Video Consulting I’m doing at the moment with a friend of mine.

Here’s the skinny: my friend Mark has started a website called Learn How To Garden.  Mark is (a) not computer literate and (b) dyslexic. So written posts are not his forte.

And he’s embraced video in a way that’s surprised and delighted me – in 5 months he’s managed to get over 60 videos uploaded to his YouTube channel and embedded on his website.

So he’s done really well – mostly.  I did an audit of his YouTube channel/Website last week and there’s one big problem with his videos that if he fixes I’m pretty sure will result in a massive improvement in terms of traffic, subscribers, etc.

You probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that his video titles are letting his video marketing efforts down – his titles are poor and too generic.

So What’s Wrong With Generic Titles? [click to continue…]


What Are The Five Cs of Content Marketing With Video?

Content Marketing with Video is a topic I’ve been writing about for most of the year….and will continue to write about it for a while yet.

This post came about as an answer to a question that a visitor to the web site asked me.  In the email I was asked to sketch out the foundational principles of Content Marketing With Video for someone who was thinking about using video for his website.

You won’t be surprised to learn that I sketched out 5 such principles….and I call those principles the Five Cs.  Here they are.

Principle #1: Content [click to continue…]


How Seth Godin Broke My Analytics!

Here’s a slightly different post that I thought I’d share  – and a few people have emailed me about it so I thought you might be interested.  It relates to my bass guitar website – which is my main site.

Let’s start off with a screenshot from Google Analytics of traffic from Jun 12 to July 12th: [click to continue…]


In Content Marketing With Video 19 I talked some more about Video Responses….and how you could use Video Responses as a powerful technique to actually generate content ideas that would fly from Day 1 in terms of views and traffic.

Now as well as making that video a video response to a popular video by another creator in your niche, you should also be embedding that video on your blog or website.

And to really add value to your audience you should also embed on your website the original video that you want to post your video as a video response to. [click to continue…]


In Content Marketing With Video Tip 14 we looked at video responses.

And video responses are a tactic for getting more views on your videos on YouTube.  And most people are not taking full advantage of video responses.

A couple of guidelines for you:

  1. Every video you post to YouTube should be a video response to a more popular video on a related topic on YouTube; or
  2. Your video should be a video response to one of your own videos…so creating a ‘tier’ of video responses. [click to continue…]

YouTube Unveils Dashboard Page

So I was just prepping a tutorial on Playlists for my upcoming course The Content Marketers Video Playbook.  And I noticed this in my Video Manager:

So the fact that it had ‘New’ plastered next to it, and the fact that I’d never heard of a ‘Dashboard’ made me automatically click on it.

Introducing The Dashboard [click to continue…]


Paul’s Note: Today’s post is a post written by my friend and mentor Sean D’Souza.  It was originally published on his blog – but I asked him if I could republish here and he very graciously said yesThere’s author links at the end of the article – I highly recommend you go subscribe.

Imagine you’ve got a fireplace. And a fire going. Now imagine if you throw one log in the fire. And then another and another. How do you make the fire into a roaring fire? Do you put less logs or more logs?

What a silly question, eh? Well, it’s not silly after all.

What’s the ‘Logs in the Fire’ success code, and how can you make it work for you?

First, let’s analyse the codes in your brain [click to continue…]


This is the first in a short series within a series on Video Guest Posting. Before I go into some strategies and tactics on Video Guest Posting (which will be later posts in this mini-series), here’s an example of a ‘video guest post.’

Background On The Video Guest Post

Danny Iny from Firepole Marketing recently answered over 40 questions from his readers with a video answer to each question.

So here are three of those videos – and the topics I’ve chosen are to do with publishing and books.

Video 1 – How To Publish A Book [click to continue…]


Using playlists on YouTube is a great way to help get more views on your videos, improve your video rankings, organize content and more.  But there’s one option that’s available with Playlists that you shouldn’t take.

And that’s embedding a playlist on your website or blog.

Why You Shouldn’t Embed A Playlist On Your Website Or Blog

For this post, I’m going to use a playlist called ‘Motown Style Grooves’ from my bass guitar website.  Here’s what it looks like if I embed that playlist here on Da Spoon: [click to continue…]

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The Content Marketers Video Playbook Is Coming…

Over the last few months I’ve posted a bunch of ‘content marketing with video’ tips.  (And there’s still a bunch more to complete the series).  Part of what that series of tips has been leading to is a training course I’ve been slowly putting together called The Content Marketers Video Playbook.

The Content Marketers Video Playbook Goes Live On… [click to continue…]

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